Seres Therapeutics is a clinical-stage therapeutics company focused on discovering and developing drugs to treat diseases of the microbiome.  The biology of the microbiome is driven by ecologies—the functional collections of various organisms—which are central to health and disease.  Seres is developing Ecobiotic® therapeutics to treat diseases that have an underlying microbiome biology.  Our first clinical program is in the treatment of Clostridium difficile infection. 

Ecobiotic therapeutics to treat important diseases

Seres Therapeutics is pioneering Ecobiotics, a new drug modality that improves health by catalyzing the shift from a disease microbiome to one of health.

Microbiome Therapeutics™ Platform to develop Ecobiotics

Our platform is generating Ecobiotic candidates across a wealth of metabolic, inflammatory and infectious conditions.

Product Pipeline

We are using our Microbiome Therapeutics Platform to broadly develop Ecobiotics in a range of therapeutic areas.